When you should purchase degree instead of going to college

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When you should purchase degree instead of going to college

It is true that formal education is one of the most important steps in anyone’s life and career, as it usually sets the foundation of their later success and determines their field of work. In addition, it is higher education that generally allows a student to specialize in a certain domain and become able to perform a certain profession. However, there are certain situations when going to college is just not worth it, and one should rather purchase a degree than waste all that time and money obtaining it in a traditional fashion.

You’re already experienced in the field

If, for example, you have already learned your trade inside out during your practice and through first-hand gained knowledge, then going to college in order to be taught the exact same things seems useless. In fact, most often than not, a college program is so focused on the theoretical that most of the information students learn during school is never used again in their lives. Should you pay tens of thousands of dollars and waste your time for this? Certainly not.
However, even though you’re a great employee and you’re experienced in your field, your employer might decide that you cannot advance in your career without higher education. Or, at a different time, when a budget cut strikes for example, your superiors might think of letting you go due to the fact that you are not as qualified as others. At the same time, it would be almost impossible to keep up a good performance at work and to return to school, so that purchasing a degree appears to be the best solution.

You only need a graduate degree

Promotions today often have to do with qualifications and minimum requirements. Since most students decide to stay in school until they equip their resumes with at least a BA and one MA, the competition is only getting tougher. To keep up with it, you would have to complement your CV with some relevant certificates as well, but again, perhaps you don’t have the financial or time resources to do so traditionally. If you already have a BA and you can easily get around in your profession, then purchasing an MA or even a PhD can be a great opportunity and a way to convince your superiors that you are worth a promotion. Not only will you be showing them that you are constantly improving your expertise, but also that you are willing and able to take on more responsibilities and to carry them out successfully.

You want to re-specialize

It’s difficult to realize that you chose the wrong career after a few years of employment and after having spent the majority of your life getting specialized for a certain profession. Nevertheless, this should not stop you from fulfilling your dream, as it is a well-known statistical fact that people who enjoy their work are also more productive. Of course, you can’t spend another 4 or even 8 years becoming specialized in a new field. Instead, you should consider purchasing the degrees you need for your new profession and preparing yourself for it with materials of your own.
These and many other situations are the reason why we collaborate with real, respectable Universities from all around the world, so that we can then provide our customers with recognized and career-boosting degrees.

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