Is college worth it?

There is a growing debate about whether it makes sense to invest in a four-year degree. With college cost climbing, student debt at record levels and limited job prospects in a struggling economy, some question whether the investment will pay off. Proponents of higher education say its value can’t be measured purely in economic terms.

The bill

In Ohio, most college students are enrolled at public institutions. here is the in-state cost to attend the main campuses of Ohio’s public universities ( 2015-2016 rates) for undergraduate studies.

*Wright State has lower rates for students who entered before 2004. All rates based on average double-occupancy room and a specific number of meals per week.

The tuition bite

Big increases in college tuition, compared to other household expenses, have stretched American
family budgets and forced some students to take on hefty debt. Experts say the increasing burden
of student loans makes it harder for some college graduates to do things such as buy their own
homes or start families.

Increasing debt

More Ohio college students at four-year public campuses are graduating with debt and the amount they owe has climbed. Nationally, researchers estimate, about 66 percent of 2011 college graduates have student debt, averaging about USD $27,000.


During his or her work life, the typical American college graduate earns significantly more than someone with only a high school diploma. However, the actual monetary return on a four-year degree is influenced by factors such as the student’s major.

NOTE: Example assumes the bachelor’s degree holder does not also possess an advanced degree. Additional work -life earnings estimated for full-time, full -year workers ages 25-64 and using a 4% discount rate. Out-of-pocket costs assume the undergraduate attends four years full time at an in -state public college or university and do not include room and board. The College Board estimates that the average public four-year, in -state undergraduate pays USD $1,540 per year in 2010-2011 in tuition and fees after grant aid and federal income tax benefits are considered.


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